Help Desk Analyst

As your help desk analyst information technology professional I help users resolve issues with computer hardware or software. I will respond to user inquiries, assess problems and issues with IT equipment and applications, and help resolve these issues for users. I will  also work closely with other IT department personnel to provide assistance on tasks that are outside the scope of their knowledge or expertise through providing training.

As a help desk analyst, I understand the need to balance creative and technical problem-solving, customer service, and collaboration to ensure that personnel throughout your organization can access and utilize the software and resources they need for work.


 Field Incoming Help Requests

One of the main services I provide as your help desk analyst is to handle incoming queries and help requests from end users, either via email or over the phone. I take detailed notes of the problem the user is experiencing, determine steps they can take to resolve the issue, and manage the flow of incoming support requests. This involves asking questions to determine the full scope of the user’s issue.

Resolve IT Support Requests

By eliminating the need to escalate issue to different support levels. I strive to directly resolve user technical issues as they arrive. This can involve remotely accessing the user’s computer and making changes to their system and settings. In other cases, walk the user through steps they can take to resolve the issue on their own. For relatively simple issues, I am able to quickly devise a solution to the problem without the IT department taking further action. 


Maintain Service Records

Throughout the user support process, I take pride in maintaining detailed records of user issues with software and hardware. These notes can help diagnose and repair complex issues and also provide your IT departments with data regarding recurring issues and problems reported by multiple users. By maintaining detailed records, I can also look at a user’s history of software or hardware issues and make recommendations to prevent future problems.

Perform System Testing and Updates

I support users by performing system tests and updates after they complete their troubleshooting and necessary repairs. This helps to prevent future issues and service interruptions and ensures that troubleshooting and updates have not caused problems elsewhere within the system. I also walk users through update and installation processes for software and peripherals.

Maintain IT Documentation

I also support department-wide operations by creating, editing, and maintaining IT documents. This can include FAQ documents for users that detail common issues and how to resolve them without opening a help desk ticket, department documents that outline standard operating procedures and practices, and help sheets that can be distributed throughout the organization.