For Me

Supporting the forgotten

I am here to change the lives of the people you overlook. I am here to be the friend you refuse to be. I Am Here because I care….

About Me

One Touch Of Kindness Makes The Whole World Kin​

Hi, I’m Kevin

I am your average nameless nobody you see amongst the sea of faces that crosses your path in your daily life. I’m the guy who you wouldn’t think twice about. We all have our individual lives and our own paths. Mine happens to be caring for the poor, outcasts, sick and elderly. Which by society’s standards isn’t much to boast about. As a modern age day Middle American Nobody. One thing that sets me apart from others, Its my genuine devotion to considers others better than myself.

Early on when my life was just beginning after I dropped out of High school, I was instilled with the passion of caring for those who are unable to care for them selves. As this passion grew In my 20’s, it became more evident that the path I chose goes directly against the patterns of this world. Which in my 30s directed my path in traveling the country crossing paths with other nobodys and sharing life, sharing hope.

Some might call me a missionary, others have called me a pastor. But to put it simply, I’m just a guy who cares.


Some of the things I do in the communities I help are…​

Helping People, Help People

Training people to be a true brother or sister to those who society has shoved aside. This is done by simply befriended the friendless & truly seeing the forgotten as yourself.

Giving Second Chances

Apart of being a friend is forgiving, correcting and teaching people new perspectives, new skills needed towards creating the kind of life we all deserve. One of freedom, Grace, Hope & Peace.

Just Ask For Help

Doing this is easy, If someone asks for help, our job is to simply provide the help someone is asking for instead of giving excuses or pawning them off. Our job as humans is to have each others backs. All you have to do is ask.

A Light Wind Swept Over The Corn, And All Creation Laughed In The Sunshine.​

What is God Up To In The World?